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Enriching your unique beauty from the inside out!

My Story


I truly believe that God equips us all with gifts and talents that helps us bless others. Luckily my gift and passion align. Ever since I can remember I have loved everything beauty. I also understood even at a young age that interior beauty  was even more important than exterior beauty. I strive to motivate and inspire others to be the best person they can be and constantly practice self care.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and a Cranial Prosthetic Specialist. I offer styling options, and cranial prosthetic (wigs) for those suffering from hair loss or for versatility.  My goal is to empower you by making you look and feel greater than before and inspire you to have confidence in everything you do!

Marble Surface


“OMG! Having natural hair with my curl pattern and texture can be a real hassle. When I am feeling overwhelmed I let Tatiana work her magic. Whether it's braids, a flat iron or a sleek ponytail, she never disappoints! She is very professional and caring when it comes to my hair care appointments. I love her!


From start to finish, the experience was amazing! She was very thorough in the consultation process discussing how to achieve the desired hairstyle. She used great products which made my hair smell amazing and feel luxurious. She worked well with my natural hair giving it the care and attention it needed. I highly recommend her.


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